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    Water should not feel like slime!

    Student: Shie Kantor

    Continuing our collaboration with Dr. Georgia Malandraki and I-EAT Lab, we’re looking to use flavors to help people with swallowing disorders. In this study, we are looking to see how older adults with and without swallowing disorders experience the tastes and flavors of beverages. This study is completely remote--we will deliver a kit to you and conduct everything via phone and video conferencing.


    Contact Shie if interested!

    Email swallowinglab@purdue.edu or call 765-496-0207

    Trade that sugar for some sparkle!

    We're trying to help people, particularly adolescents, reduce the amount of added sugar in their diets.



    • If you are at risk for diabetes and drink 2 or more sugar drinks per day, we'll ask you to switch to sparkling flavored water for 12 weeks. 
    • We will track your diet using an app on an iPhone (provided).


    • You are between the ages of 10 to 21.
    • Your doctor has told you that you're at risk for developing diabetes or that you are overweight.
    • You have a family member with diabetes.

    Total compensation is $115, paid throughout the study via eGift cards.

    Crossin' the line--the interfacial line between water and fat, that is.

    Student: Jasmine Huang

    This study is about how your saliva influences the flavor and texture of fatty foods. The study involves tasting flavored candies, salad dressings or dips, and oil & water mixtures, as well as recording your diet and taking pictures of samples you tasted and spat out. You can participate completely remotely—we can arrange for you to pick up your kit, or have it delivered to a location near you. You can earn Amazon gift cards for up to $20 for your participation.


    Contact Jasmine or use the contact us form below to see if you qualify.


    Student: Sarah Pitts

    This project will train a group of people to identify and rate certain qualities in cookies--like how hard, crumbly, chewy, and sweet the cookies are. It requires meeting online with the rest of the group once a week for the whole semester. You will receive cookies and other products for your participation, as well as $10-25 in eGift cards at the end of the study.


    Contact Sarah, or use the contact us form below to see if you qualify.


    The pudding assay.

    Student: Katy Pacheco

    Stay tuned to hear more about a study on how your spit breaks down starch.


    Vegetable... gummy bears???

    Student: Lissa Davis

    Stay tuned to hear more about our vegetable-flavored gummy bear project! You heard me.